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AO Spine Indian Subcontinent Council Newsletter
Issue 2, December 2020

Welcome message

2020 has been a very eventful year. The COVID 19 pandemic has rocked the world as we know it, and AO Spine activities have not been, spared either. Our flagship projects have been our face to face workshops, courses and fellowships, and all these were completely disrupted.

However, our hard-working team of council officers have rallied together and staged a recovery to deliver what best we could. AO SIN has been working very hard to explore opportunities in this time of adversity. We have used many innovative messages to enhance membership benefits.

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AO Spine

AO Spine Journey
From a Point to a Circle:
My Journey in AO SPINE as a Member
Nanda Ranjith Unnikrishnan
AO SIN Delegate and Faculty
AO Spine Indian Subcontinent Council

My journey in AO SPINE, as a very young trainee spine surgeon, a point, to an AO SPINE member and faculty has been very exciting. My post graduate training and fellowship was during the era prior to AO SPINE and hence lacked the opportunity to get exposed to AO SPINE and its benefits. Like most of the young spine surgeons, post fellowship, my academic and professional goals, took shape, and I was on the lookout for an appropriate channel to take me across. The early years of independent clinical exposure makes one realize, the need for learning and unlearning, proctorship and mentorship, especially in the fast advancing field of spine surgery. The fast pace of advances in basic research and diagnostics, as well the advent of technology in spine care, makes it difficult for the young surgeon, to develop a practical and rational approach early in clinical practice. Nevertheless, every spine surgeon has to go through this journey, mine was no different.

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AO Spine
AO Spine
AO Spine Surgical Video Discussion Webinar Series

The AO Spine Surgical Video Discussion series was initiated by AO SIN Council, which consisted of six webinars and ran every two weeks.

The discussion sessions provided a unique opportunity to learn interactively about various surgical cases, in discussion with the faculty.

Each webinar focused on two topics within a pathology. Faculty would initiate discussion with surgical videos, going through cases step by step. Discussion was encouraged among speakers and participants for the best learning outcome, but you may also join just to listen and watch—whatever suits your own learning style best.

Next event
AO Spine Surgical Video Discussion Advanced Webinar—Cervical laminoplasty and Lateral mass & C1-2
Dec 6, 2020
AO Spine
AO Spine Case-based 3D Bone Model
Online Course—Spinal Deformity | Oct 14, 2020

  • Deformity focused case-based education
  • Utilizing high resolution bone models of real pathologies
  • Brings you an entirely new online education of teaching and learning hand skills right at your door step
  • Featuring innovative technologies and medical devices
  • Live broadcasting presentation with captivating audio visual effect

AO Spine
AO Spine
AO Spine
AO Spine
The first-ever AO Spine Asia Pacific Virtual Conference

In June 2020, AO Spine Asia Pacific organized an engaging two-day spine conference with 6 sub-specialty sessions. The first-ever AO Spine Asia Pacific Virtual Conference focused on cutting-edge academic topics.
36 moderators and faculty members from 10 countries shared their expertise with 194 paid participants from 40 countries around the world, and we are delighted to report that—despite the very quick planning and turnaround time—it turned out to be a huge success with almost all participants (97.8%) saying they would attend again!

CaseChar AOSEA
Expert Meets Master (EMM) -
AO SAP Sub-Specialty Visitation Program

A NEW program especially designed for senior practising spine surgeons with 10 years or above experiences to update his/her skill set in general or sub-specialty spinal care by making a short-term visitation to a centre of excellence in the sub-specialty of his/her choice.

Application for 2021-2022 program has been closed, it is glad to announce that more than 28 applications were received for the first series!

The sub-specialties selected for the year 2021-2022:
1. Cervical spine
2. Endoscopic spine surgery
3. Adult spinal deformity

Please stay tuned for the next series!

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